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The Arts, Clubs and Sports

Here is a list of the sport and clubs our school offers. If you are interesting in participating in any of these options, please feel free to talk to the teacher in charge for more information.

School Year 2016-2017
Sport / Club
Approximate time frame Teacher in charge
Cross Country
Grades 3 to 8
September - October Jennifer Taylor     Molly Moloney
Janet Gray         Ashley Britton 
Grades 7 and 8
September - October Janet Gray --  Jr. Boys Bill McGuinness/Ashley Britton  --  Jr. Girls
Julie Clark  --  Int. Boys    Ashlea Fitzgerald  --  Int. Girls
Grade 7 and 8
November - January Ashley Fitzgerald  --  Boys
Julie Clark  --  Girls 
Grades 7 and 8
February - April  Jennifer Taylor  --  Boys
Bill McGuinness  --  Girls
Grades 7 and 8
May-June Amy Jo Doherty 
Track and Field
Grades 3 to 8
May - June Bill McGuinness 
Grades 4 to 6   
May - June  Laura Armstrong 
Photography Girls    
Wind Ensemble   Paula Green 
Drama Production    Sept - May     Ms. Carson / Mrs. Chesser 
Eco Club    

Me to We Club   Ms. Gray